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Relying on modern educational methods, using the latest materials and technologies, introducing the European level of organization, we create a unique preschool institution in Ukraine.

uniqueness of leap kids


The Academy of Happiness ‘LeapKids’ is a preschool institution which your child will be rushing to every morning. Rushing to discover something new, see something unseen before, become a part of an incredible adventure. After all, we’re the only ones with such a unique infrastructure that every day will become a journey to a vastness of amusements for your little one.

12 playgrounds for games and development – that’s practically a small amusement park which may also be transformed at the children’s will. Today your kid feels like a little mountain climber, tomorrow he’s a pirate at the ‘Marine Adventure’ playground. He can plunge into a turbulent world of sports games or calmly and thoughtfully study the properties of water or, even, play various musical instruments right under the blue sky.

A 3D classroom is our pride and a way to create a high-tech environment for your ‘why-ers’. The room has an interactive sensory mat and special projectors. Any topic and assignment may be presented to the children in a 3D visual format – providing them with an incredible impetus to imagination.

A mix of the best global instruction and development techniques with unparalleled infrastructure of the academic environment. Yet we add even more to it – small but awfully important things. For example, we are the only ones to provide the children with lactose-free dairy products directly from the manufacturer (TM Latter). Or, for cleaning the premises, we exclusively use 100% organic products manufactured in Germany – Sodasan. 

All these are just some examples of what awaits you and your little ones at our Academy. To find out more, come visit us and we’ll be glad to tell you everything you wanted to know about the unique world of the Academy of Happiness ‘LeapKids’.

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