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Relying on modern educational methods, using the latest materials and technologies, introducing the European level of organization, we create a unique preschool institution in Ukraine.

uniqueness of leap kids


The Academy of Joy ‘LeapKids’ is the undisputable choice of a preschool institution for parents who really want to discover the potential of their child. The Academy’s key objective is to provide an all-round nurture of a comprehensively developed personality. We have everything required to achieve this goal:

  • Unique infrastructure
  • Bilingual environment (Ukrainian-English) supported by programs and experts of the British Council
  • A team of true professionals with unparalleled experience in educating preschoolers
  • A mix of the best global child development techniques
  • Employment of latest bioecotechnologies in the construction of the Academy’s building and its interior design

Modern preschoolers are striking in their spontaneity, ability to employ adult skills and the depth of perceiving the world around them – they are truly part of the Generation Z. Thus, the educatory process at LeapKids is focused on the child and its balanced development and is designed around the partnership between the child, the parents and the tutors.

The basis of our approach is edutainment – discreet learning through gaming activities. The child is playing –yet at the same time is being educated in the following areas:

  • Study of foreign languages
  • Musical skills development
  • Modeling and design of various objects
  • Acting and rhetoric
  • Choreography, sports and martial arts
  • Development of phonemic hearing and correction of speech

For parents, LeapKids means confidence in the safety, harmonious development and cheerful mood of their child. For the child, however, it’s the TERRITORY OF JOYFUL CHILDHOOD! So, come visit us and see it all for yourself – the LeapKids team is waiting for you!



The cornerstone education paradigm at LeapKids is Edutainment – Discreet learning through gaming activities.

In fact, it’s discreet only for the child itself. Through the day, the little student is seamlessly moving between various conceptual development areas:

  • Physical development
  • Lingual development
  • Artistic and aesthetic development
  • Development of thinking, imagination and memory
  • Emotional and social development
  • Environmental development
  • Cognitive development

It’s the optimal balance of all these areas that allows us to fully discover the potential of the child and improve his “weak points”. Within each of the development areas, we employ latest world-renowned techniques – from universally known ones such as Montessori and Doman to professional-grade niche methods like Suzuki Early Childhood Education, the Orff approach and others.

There’s an individual development map designed for each of the students – a log journal recording all particularities and successes of the child. In fact, the child’s own achievements, its ability to overcome obstacles, are the primary result of education at LeapKids.

Instruction at LeapKids is bilingual – half the day is Ukrainian and the other half is English. English is taught using the programs and techniques specially developed by the British Council tutors. We use programm “Learning Time with Timmy”http://www.britishcouncil.org.ua/en/english/courses-children/2-6.

Additionally, for an all-round development of the child’s personality, a dedicated psychologist-counsellor will be working with the kids and their parents.



The organic space concept and bonding with nature are key to balanced development of a preschooler. Thus, the LeapKids day-care is built as an integrated ecozone.

For example, the entrance area is designed using second-level space – a sky-lit atrium with a glass roof. Through that roof the kids receive a continuous stream of sun raylets – a combination of high spirits and vitamin D. We also pride ourselves on our assembly hall. Featuring six-meter ceilings, second-level lights and architectural solutions that enhance acoustics, it becomes a comprehensive stage for performances of our little talents. Our choreographic hall features a dry ball pool and specialized sidewalls for little ‘divers’.

And of course, the cornerstone of it all – 12 theme-based playgrounds for games and development that can be transformed by the kids themselves. Water-related activities, music instruments under the sky – all that and much, much more is waiting for your little fidgets at LeapKids.



Topmost security is a key requirement by LeapKids. Parents should stand assured of their child’s safety at the day-care facility. For this purpose we’ve developed and implemented a multi-level access restriction and control system.

The system includes restriction of access to the overall day-care facility and specific classrooms for all visitors and staff by means of specialized access cards, a CCTV system with 165 cameras and operation of a comprehensive security desk.

The facility sports the latest fire safety system involving sprinklers, a special fire extinguishing system in the kitchen area, fire alarms and other elements.

In everyday life of the LeapKids we execute to the Sanitary regulations for preschool educational institutions, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated March 24, 2016, No. 234.

We also signed an agreement with the sanitary-epidemiological service about carrying out regular testing of air and water quality, sandbox contents, radiation and electromagnetic backgrounds.



The child’s health is the key to its successful education and socialization. That is precisely why we’ve put specific emphasis on employing latest bioecotech in the construction of the day-care building and interior space planning.

For construction, we used exclusively environmentally friendly materials, natural wood and water-based adhesives. The building is equipped with solar panels used for water heating and saving energy. Thanks to the ‘smart house’ system we are able to set up individual climatic zones in each classroom. There’s also radiant cooling (the so-called ‘cold ceiling’ system) installed in the day-care building.   

We also employ geothermal heating – there are 43 wells located underneath the day-care facility converging in the technical area of the building. The energy is used to heat the premises allowing the day-care to be completely autonomous from the city’s energy grid.


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Наша команда

Honorata Maslov


Ms Tatiana

Principal, Head of educational programs

Ms Natalia

Speech therapist

Ms Ruslana


Ms Tetyana


membership conditions

1. To leave an application on the website in the Sign up section
2. Our manager will contact you, set the date and time of the interview with the psychologist.
3. Meeting with a nutritionist, filling in a questionnaire.
4. Meeting with a pediatrician (you must have a certificate of the child’s health, form 86).
5. Preparation and signing of the contract.
6. Meet the teachers and children in your group.